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Oahu Surfer Couple Photography – Kevin & Shayla – Hawaii Engagement Photographer   What better way to capture this beautiful couple than to incorporate something into their session that the both of them love. Surfing! My best friend Rae and I both absolutely loved the idea of them bringing their surfboards and getting into the water!  […]

Oahu Surfer Couple Photography || Kevin & Shayla

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Hawaii Couples Photographer – Lanai Lookout Hawaii Couples Photographer First, let me start off by saying that I’m a huge fan of Lanai Lookout!  What Hawaii Couples Photographer wouldn’t want to shoot at this location?  You truly don’t have to ask me twice to wake up for a sunrise session at this location! It’s absolutely […]

Hawaii Couples Photographer || P & L

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Oahu Couple Photographer at Pali Notches- Marcus and Seraphina   Another amazing location with another beautiful couple! I truly don’t think Hawaii will every disappoint me. Ocean, mountains, greenery, what more could you ask for? Oahu has it all! Did I mention the most amazing sunrises and sunsets you’ve ever seen? I just can’t handle […]

Oahu Couple Photographer || Pali Notches || Marcus and Seraphina

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Lanikai Couples Photographer at Lanikai Pillbox hike- Conor and Kathleen Lanikai Couples Photographer When one of my good friends told me about her brother and newly wedded wife being on island visiting, I just knew we had to get a session in before they left! Conor and Kathleen had the chance to do so many amazing things […]

Lanikai Couples Photographer || C & K

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