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Honolulu Family Photographer at Lanai Lookout

Honolulu Family Photographer

Although Hawaii is typically all rainbows and sunshine- literally- we still do experience those “winter blues”.  Our winter blues may look slightly different than those midwest states as we obviously don’t get feet of snow (gosh, I don’t miss that) but we still do have months full of gloomy, rainy days.

I must admit those blues got me a little these past few months but luckily our winter season is just about over.  The sun is currently shining through the window behind me and man does it feel good on my skin!  I can hear the birds chirping and all of the wind chimes blowing in the wind throughout our neighborhood!  It’s funny how little things like that can take you back to a place in your childhood so very quickly and lately I’ve been finding myself reminiscing a lot.  Being a military family is tough and I think we all tend to get home sick time and time again but the most important thing to remember is how lucky we are to have all of those memories to hold onto and cherish forever.

All of this brings me to this beautiful sunrise session that I had with the HMae family at Lanai Lookout! They will be leaving island in a few short months so I was ecstatic to get them in front of my camera before they left!  We beat the rain for a good thirty minutes (thank god) but we did get stuck in the downpour mother nature has been giving us lately!  We still made the best of the last few minutes in the rain before we decided to wrap our time up!

I can’t wait to follow this family onto their next journey and see what all life has in store for them!


Honolulu Family PhotographerHonolulu Family PhotographerHonolulu Family PhotographerHonolulu Family PhotographerHonolulu Family Photographer


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