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The Kane Family at Aulani Disney Resort- Ko’Olina Family Photographer

Ko’Olina Family Photographer

I realized quickly on in my photography career that your typical posed session is just not for me.  One of my favorite quotes by Don McCullin reads:  “Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling.  If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.”

Images should show your family just as you are. The tickle fights, the hugs, the running around along the shoreline. Playing in the ocean with your family as the sun sets beyond the horizon.  The peek-a-boo or hide & seek games.  The cuddles & kisses.  Images should show the fun and the craziness that each family is.  Sure, that one smiling picture that will make your parents and grandparents happy is a must have but other than that, I truly believe in capturing families perfectly as they are.  No two families are ever going to be the same and I would never want them to be.  Every family has something different and it’s my job to figure out how that is and to capture it from an onlooker and from a different perspective.

I spent the evening with the Kane family. Of course the weather in Hawaii is still insane and unpredicatable so we had to move locations three different times.  When I arrived to the Disney Resort I saw a huge dark rain cloud headed our way and I was quite terrified we were going to be rained out.  Surprisingly, the rain held off until we were done and mother nature actually proved our assumptions wrong and gave us a gorgeous sunset!

I love working with large families as there is so much always going on! Kids of all different ages are SO FUN!  The Kane family laughed and played and even went for a little swim at the end of our session.  You can see the highlights from out time together below!

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