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As an Oahu Photographer, I often find women contemplating when is the right time to have family or couple’s images taken.  I usually get the, “I need to lose a little weight first”, or the “I need to do this”, “I need to do that” and it literally crushes my heart into a million pieces because I’ve been there.  I’m here to tell all of you mommas that I understand exactly what you are feeling.


I’ve always been huge into fitness.  Aside from photography, it is my second favorite thing.  Let’s get real honest here for a second though… becoming pregnant, growing this amazing tiny human for 9 whole months and then birthing this said tiny human,  completely changes us.  I for one can honestly say that my body will never even be the same.  I’m here to tell you that is OK.  Momma’s… You are literally perfect just the way you are.


I feel that mom’s in particular have this high standard to live up to.  This world is HARD.  No matter what you do, you’re doing something wrong and there is someone there to tell you so.  I’d be lying if I said no one has ever made me question my choices as a mother or try to make me feel bad for doing something or not doing something.  Heck, I sometimes still feel guilty for putting my two year old into daycare so that I can work and often times have an hour to myself each day.


I have to quickly remind myself that I’m not superwomen.  I can’t work full time, care for our home, be a good wife, a good mother, and a good human with a two year old attached to my hip every waking hour of the day.  And you know what, that’s ok. So, why does society put these high standards as us as mommy’s?  If we are carrying a little extra weight, why do we feel less than? I’m here to encourage you to start fully accepting yourselves.  As you are, right now.


Again, the answer to the common question, when is the right time to capture my family together?  The answer is NOW.  Right now.  Your babies will never be this little again.  Literally, tomorrow is a new day and everyone is one day older.  I’ve learned quickly over the past two years that our babies grow so fast.  Everyone told me this but, of course, you never realize it until you go through it.  I literally blinked and my baby that was just brought into this world and placed in my hands is almost THREE.


I promise you I look back at images of her that I’ve captured over the years all of the time.  When I see those images from the hospital I can still feel her newborn baby skin.  I can feel her warmth, I can feel how I felt holding her for the first time after she grew inside me for 9 whole months.  Every single image that I see of her from the past two years brings me back to that time and sparks memories that have faded. This is the same for all occasions though and this is the reason right now is the perfect time to capture your own family.


Pictures have always been a huge part of my life.  My mother was not a photographer but I have photo album upon photo album siting in our upstairs closet as I’m typing this and they are full of huge milestones in my life.  All of my birthdays, camping trips, fishing trips with my daddy, sleep overs with my friends, literally every holiday.  From the time I was born up until I got married.  She captured everything for my sister and I.  I will never be able to thank her enough for this.  I have images of myself with grandparents who have passed away that I will never see again and that alone is priceless.


So, here I am again, telling you that right now is the best time ever to get family pictures taken. No one is promised tomorrow and in 30 years from now, our babies won’t care about the clothes we wore or how much we weighed.  They won’t care about our hairstyle, or whether or not we wore make up.  But, do you know what they will care about?  The images and you being in them.  Right now, just as you are.


If you need some proof, here are some images from one of my photo albums!


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