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Quad Cities Iowa Wedding Photographer

Quad Cities Iowa Wedding Photographer

Quad Cities Iowa Wedding Photographer

Quad Cities Iowa Wedding Photographer

I’ve thought long and hard about how I wanted to introduce my newest adventure within my business.  I didn’t want to just one day announce out of the blue “HEY FRIENDS! I’m randomly now photographing weddings!” because if you’ve followed me for a while or just look at my feed, I haven’t yet posted anything wedding related.  However this doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing things behind the scenes.  I’m the type of person who doesn’t just jump into things.  I tend to think long and hard about decisions and within my business I don’t offer something until I’m fully ready and know that I can deliver what I am promising to my clients.


When I decided I was ready to launch my Wedding Photography Business, I dug deep about how I wanted to tell the world what I was doing.  I decided that I just wanted to be honest about this new journey so here it goes!


I can’t say I’ve always known I wanted to be a Wedding Photographer because I would be lying if I said I did.  I love my families that I photograph and that is what I was always most comfortable with.  To be truthful, I was scared to venture out into anything else because I got comfortable.


I always knew that I loved weddings.  I’m literally that person who would be guest at a wedding of someone I hardly knew but would be ugly crying through the whole day.  Because that’s who I am.  I feel things deeply and on a personal level.  I always knew if I ever did decide to branch out that I would absolutely 100% want to not just be the photographer on a bride and groom’s big day.  I want to become your friend.  I want to get to know you on a personal level because, I mean, I’m photographing one of the biggest days of your life!  I want to connect with you and make sure I was capturing your day just as you had always dreamed.  I want to cry with you, laugh with you, support you through the stress, and ultimately give you memories that can never be replicated.


If you look through my Instagram account for families, you will see that I’m all about the details and capturing emotion.  Why?  Because humans are full of emotions and how boring is a photograph that doesn’t make you feel?  Honestly, I’d prefer to photograph a bride putting her earrings on vs earrings laying down on a surface alone.  Because there is emotion with a bride putting her jewelry on for her big day.  This is the type of photographer I have always aimed to be.  I am all about moments and I’ll be really upfront right now.  First looks are a must (in my opinion) and there I’ll be, ugly crying behind my camera.


Since I’m being honest, let’s talk about that behind the scenes stuff I’ve been doing.  Once again, if you know me you know one of my very best friends, Rae.  She had been talking to me about learning Wedding Photography for a while but I was just always so scared.  Can you think of a time that you had been scared to step out of your comfort zone?  Where you questioned all of the “what if’s”.  We all can so I know you can relate to what I’m saying.


After doing a lot of deep reflection and a ton of encouragement I truly realized that I was the one holding MYSELF back.  I was holding myself back because I afraid to mess up.  I was scared to learn something new because I might not be the best at it.  But the thing is, it takes time to learn a craft just as you have to study to become great in your career field.  So, there I was, taking the leap to learn.  Rae basically taught me everything I needed to know.  She’s a pro at what she does and I’m not just saying that because she’s one of my best friends.  You can see it for yourself!


So I began reading, and watching videos, and learning.  Then I started shooting and implementing what I was learning into what I was shooting.  I got feedback from people who have been in the field for years and years and years.


I am writing all of this because I can finally say that I am confident in my knowledge and delivery and I am ready to announce to the world that Ashley Bowman Photography is now branching out and accepting 2019 brides!


I may not know it all but if a photographer ever tells you that they do, they are lying.  What I do know is that I want to connect with YOU.  I want to know all about you and your soon to be husband.  Are you more introverted or extraverted?  What’s your stories and personalities?  Because this is what sets the mood of telling your story.  Every single wedding is different because every single person is different.  This is why I don’t want to just photograph your day, I want to learn your story and tell it!  There is a huge difference between showing up to a venue and knowing WHY your couple choose that venue.  There is a difference between photographing a wedding and telling a story about this specific wedding.  I know this and it’s exactly what I aim to do.


Darce & Alina

Quad Cities Iowa Wedding PhotographerQuad Cities Iowa Wedding Photographer


Ashley Bowman Photography is a Quad Cities Wedding Photographer available for travel to the surrounding areas in Illinois and Iowa. She also specializes in couples, engagements, maternity, family, lifestyle, senior portraits, and more. 


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